Friday, March 25, 2005

Darkened Butterfly

My heart soars on black monarch wings through the fields of my new life, I see behind me a forest of lost hopes and dreams, My heart now heals, Being stictched together with strings of compassion, My cocoon is a decaying shell of what I used to be, I see you in the sunset distance, Light shimmers through your eyes, Let me take you by the hand, May we dance on the cloud of love forever, Because without you by my side my wings will wilt and fall, You may ask yourself why, But without you, I'm a darkened butterfly.

My our long run strong forever.... 'Til death shall we part, And in heaven...we re-unite.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

What am I?

A Feeling...

I am the feeling, the presence of hatred. Inflicted upon myself, I let myself linger on anger, sadness, and idiotic things of the past. I am the feeling of re-newed love (thanks to the Tampon Fairy)

A Survivor...

"I'm a teen distortion; survived abortion; a rebel from the waist down"- Marilyn Manson- Disposable Teens. I survived did you if your reading this. Abortion is like a freaking epidemic. It kills....MILLIONS. Rather you wanna open your sorry doe eyes and admit it to yourself or not. NOT MY PROBLEM.

A Butterfly...

TumorBoy gave me the great idea for a poem. Its nothing like his butterfly poem but it truely inspired me and opened my eyes to the beauty of butterflies. The poem is about my boyfriend (the TamponFairy). About how he saves me from my hatred. He's like a release; I no longer keep it all locked up inside. He's turned me from a Caterpiller, ugly and saddend, to a Butterfly, proud and feeling beautiful. I love you TF!

A Minor...

Yea...I'm a teenager. But, I know my rights. I can write about almost whatever I want and you doodiehead adults can't do nothing. =P... Except my daddy and mommy... *sigh* I am SO grounded! TeeHee.

A Fat Kid...!

Yea. I like eating....TF's gonna be all mad at me for FIVE minutes for calling myself fat. He wants me to stop, because I'm "beautiful" or....hes blind!


TumorBoy was telling me I have issues....because I was going from listening to Jack Off Jill, to the Spice Girls, to Cradle of Filth,to Aqua, to Manson, to Christain Rock, to Insane Clown Posse. Then the way I dress... Most people think that "Goth" People are depressed. I am USUALLY one of the happiest most perky people! I don't go with Fads. I like what I like. Call me me a poser..I don't care. *proud*