Saturday, July 09, 2005

Iuzzah's It

3 Names I go by- Jayson, Jay, Jaybird.

3 Screen Names I had- Iuzzah, Subzero, James Bond.

3 Things I like about myself- I'm a gamefreak, Family, I get to travel alot...

3 Things I dislike about myself- I look like Napolean Dynamite, My glasses, I have a younger brother....

3 parts of my heritage- Irish, French, American.

3 things I'm wearing right now- socks, shorts, glasses.

3 favorite bands or musical artists- Billy Idol, Foreigner, 3 Doors Down.

3 favorite songs- More than a feeling- ?, White Wedding- Billy Idol, Krptonite- 3 doors down.

3 things I want in a relationship- Space, The fact I don't have one, Black hair...HOTT

3 Physical Things I like about the preferred sex- No guys!, Hot Chick, Rich.

3 Favorite hobbies- Video Games, Beating up brother, Swimming

3 Things I want to do now- Eat Ice Cream, Runescape, Burp...

3 Things That scare me- gay guys, dark, guys that can pull stuff with their...areas (wild boys episode)

3 everyday essentials- Games, Hitting my brother, Eating Ice Cream!

3 Careers I am considering- Military, Paleontologist, Historian.

3 places I want to go on vacation- Australia, Europe, Hollywood.

3 child names I like- Aaron, Paige, James.

3 things I want to do before I die- Go to Austrailia, Join Paintball team, Go on a gameshow(arena, x-play)

3 ways I'm stereotypically a guy- Clip toenails in public, I fart alot, I burp alot.

3 ways I'm stereotypically a chick- I like pink, I don't know!

3 Celeb Crushes- Angelina Jolie, Jessica Beale, Cameron Diaz.

3 people to play next- i dont know

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

If you don't like my attitude or personality...wait 5 minutes.


We talked today...but I feel the need to express myself more on the situation. The reason I've been un-easy is also fear....I don't wanna get hurt again, and I definetly don't want to loose you. You mean so much to me...I'm sorry I'm so emotional. I try to stop it, but my feelings consume me. I freak out sometimes, because I think I'm gonna push you away. I screw up everything good that happens to me. I already lost you once...I don't know what I'll do if I screw it up again. I'm sorry....I'm sorry for future screw ups and more...I love you....very much....forever.

Camel_Tot, Lucy, Freaky Deaky, Cassandra, and your baby... since we all have different personalitys.