Sunday, October 30, 2005


Since Cujo had to gripe...I will, and had planned to, extend my discription of Hallowicked.

Ok... so as a gift for being in the MadChef and Mini-Wheats wedding, they were going to take me and Eric, who was also in the wedding, to the ICP concert. Insane Clown Posse is one of our favorite bands, and has been for a number of years. So we were psyched! Dad seemed to, at first, be nervous, this being my first concert without him...or any adult for that matter. He dropped me off with a cellphone, and he informed me that he would be around just in case I needed him, or got kicked out, and for when it was over... First thing we noted was half the people had make-up on like the band. (me and eric wanted to, but we didnt have time because he was at a funeral) Anyway, people were throwing Faygo bottles and were already getting hyped up for the concert that awaited.

It took no time at all for us to get in. Our friend David met with us in line, and went in with us. He told Eric that after ICP came on, that he should get me out of the way, because it would get CRAZY....uh...NO! I wasn't going no where! We saw some of our buddies from the local tattoo shop ( Flesh Tones :) ) right before the first opening act came out. The first act wasn't that great, but they werent bad either. Then Project Deadman came out which was pretty awesome....

It was then a while until ICP would come on, so we walked around and figured we shove our way back in later. We saw Sin-D and Vinny from East Side Tattoo, talked to them for awhile then got some soda. I some some Big juggalos, little juggalos, juggalettes, then a couple people that I think weren't even there for the concert, they were just there to be slutty....attention whores, ya know that type...

Finally they came out. Insane Clown Posse were in the HOUSE! BLAAM! It was pretty wicked all from the begining. We were, at first in the very very back, and me, being short, could barely see over the 7" tall dude in front of me. So, it wasn't long before we just said screw it, and started pushing our way to the front. I could feel the Faygo barely misting us until we got to the front, where we stayed the rest of the concert. Faygo was poured on us at an almost constant rate. We were drenched (and faygo burns in your eyeball!) We were smashed in, covered in Faygo, and we just LOVED IT! It was the best concert ever! As we left we got much clown love from the Juggalo Family, and we steamed as we left the building.

I would highly reconmend this concert to ANYONE. It was the best time of my life!

Clown Love,

Not scary eh?

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