Thursday, February 16, 2006


People always tell me to be proud of who I am. To be "Proud to be an American". The word American used to remind people of their freedoms... But now that they are being taken away, what are we going to think when we think America? Certainly NOT democracy.

Today I read a DISTURBING article in the lunchroom. East Alton-Wood River High School wants to "Get rid of the black look". One Look. One Image... Why is it that "goth" kids get bad things said about them, because of color? I bet if it was pink it would be okay. Maybe we think we have big butts and black slims em!!!! Huh? Never though about that one, did ya? Ready for the sit-in. This is NOT about the uniform, this is about FREEDOM. We are not a Catholic school, we are not communists, we are AMERICANS. And we will have our freedom, whether we have to get "referrals" or not!!!!

(Sorry for spelling errors. I was in a hurry, and not to mention extremely angry!)