Saturday, August 13, 2005

They like me! They really like me!

So, people have been complaining I haven't been blogging recently... Sorry!!! Then I had the excuse that I had nothing to write about. But, throughout the last few days my dad has been pointing out things for me to write about, most of which will be posted on here very soon. Ft. CamelToes husband and his gravy drinking... and the animalhouse of which I call home. 9 people.....god....

But today I will just do some rambling. 1st thing...

The Muppet. Shes just nuts sometimes. The other day she asked me to come help her move something really quick. I figured no big deal and went in there... She asked me to move her thousand pound dresser like 2 inches...TWO INCHES!! Cause it was bugging her. Why.....?!?!?!

Second... My aunt thats here puts her daughter to sleep in grandmas bed every night. Then as I'm dragging my fat butt downstairs she wants me to take her down, which is not a big deal, but I wish we could leave her somewhere else. Why doesn't she just sleep upstairs so I can turn my tv up so I can hear it, or play my guitar? I'm almost 15...and I have a life...ya know?

My mom....Dad's said she's called like 3 times complaining I have lice.... I DONT HAVE LICE! We've checked. I've used the wash like 3 times. I have dermatitis.....I have a flakey head....SORRY!

Well...I need to take a shower...I smell like old people....well.....maybe just B.O.!!

See ya Peoples Later!


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