Saturday, July 02, 2005

Walt Disney Can Go Screw Himself...

The last past week I spent in Florida with CamelToe, her Husband, and his two boys, ages 6 and 14. All was well while we were in Daytona. We stayed in a nice hotel on the ocean. We swam, played in the sand etc. two days. Then we were off again in the car....

We arrived in Kissimme, about 10 minutes away from Orlando. We stayed in a nice pink hotel next to Orange World.It had a big swimming pool, a hot tub, and the works.It was extremely purty! The first day CamelToe rested and my brothers and I swam in the pool.

The next day came quick. Seaworld was our destination that day. We spent the whole day there. It rained which lowered the temperature quite a bit. I got splashed by Shamoo, petted a string ray, and rode a awesome rollercoaster. It was all in all a good day. another day....this time were going to Disney World. I was so excited. I mean come on I'm almost 15 and I've never been...not to mention I wanted Mouse ears... So we arrive in the parking on a thingy that drove us to the ticket booth...then rode an Amtrack to the park. Disney Worlds fricken huge! We get there and we can barely move! We had to wait in wait in line!! The line to see Mickey could've walked around St. Louis! It was crazy. Needless to say we didn't do anything.... We left early and ate at the Wing House...which is some place like Hooters, only with better wings and shorter shorts. That night blew!

Last day there we went to Universal Studios...and I loved it. I rode alot of rides. Did some 3D things, like Shrek and Terminator. We went on the Twister thing and my younger brother screamed the whole time. I think its ludicrious that they let young children in there. Its a nightmare waiting to happen. So all in all it was a good time....but Walt Disney...can go screw himself....The limit of people is like two million in d. world!



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Damn I want to eat at the Wing House! Wonder what those short shorts taste like?

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