Thursday, June 09, 2005

Tag... Michaels It!!!

3 names I go by- Mike, Michael, Mr. Puffyface

3 screen names I've had- Mike1313132003, HerrinMike, 12345

3 things I like about myself- Humongous head, Tall, The wart on my left arm

3 things I dislike about myself- The fat build-ups beneath my eyeballs, My allergic reaction to poison ivy, The deformity on my fingers

3 parts of my heritage- Cherokee, American, German

3 things I'm wearing right now- New Undies! New Socks, After Grad T-shirt

3 favorite bands/musical artists- Relient K, Skillet, Demon Hunter

3 favorite songs-
What is Love- Pax217
Jesus Freak- DC Talk
Before I forget- Slipknot

3 things I want in a relationship- Anybody that isn't Nikki, Anybody that isn't Alicia, Anybody that isn't Jimmy

3 physical things I like about the preferred sex- Girls that don't resemble guys, thats it

3 favorite hobbies- Judo, Playing Magic: The Gathering, Play DiabloII

3 things I want to do very badly right now- Fishing, Play playstation, Computer

3 things that scare me-Heights, Spiders, Bees

3 of my everyday essentials- Music, Food, Water (who needs shelter!?)

3 careers you have considered or are considering- Physicist, Architect, Geologist

3 places you want to go on vacation- Hartford, East Alton, Roxana

3 child names you like- Jayce Allen, Erma Nadien, James Royce

3 things you want to before you die- Count the pores on my body, Find the end of Pi (3.141592653589793238462643383279502884
Memorize all Pi

3 ways I'm stereotypically a dude- I smell funny, I like fishing, I like TCG's RTS's TBG's and RPG's

3 ways I'm stereotypically a chick- Emotional, I'm Michael, I want to be a domestic engineer when I grow up

3 celeb crushes- Jack Skellington, Mad Chef, CamelTot

3 people to play next- I dont know!!!


Blogger the Mad "Chef" said...

I love you too Michael!!!

9:37 PM  

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