Thursday, June 16, 2005

Camel Tots Top 5.

Top 5 Hottest Girls. Top 5 Music Videos. Top 5 Blonde Bombshells. Top 5 Ways To Say Screw Off! Everyone else has their Top 5, so heres mine. Theres a lot of links by the way!

Top 5 Things Wrong With Americans-

-We look at
anorexic blonde bimbos to see beauty.


-Quoting from a Good Charlotte song, "Girls don't like boys, Girls like cars and money."

-We are so ate up with whats in style.

-Racism. Aren't we evolved enough to know we are all equals here..?

Top 5 CamelQuotes-

-"Is adult entertainment killing our children? Or is killing our children entertaining adults?"-Marilyn Manson

-"When I grow up I want to put chickens in bags"-Mad Chef

-"If you read, you will judge" Kurt Cobain

-"I want downloadable suicide, I want a newer version"-Marilyn Manson

-"The fact that nobody liked me at school began to fade out of my mind like blue magic marker reminders scrawled on the back of a greasy fist."

Top 5 Reasons I hate where I live-

-Lack of People Like Me.

- No Good Malls Close.

- The amount of people that can't live their pathetic lives, without making me hate mine.

- People here are unaccepting.

- Pretty grass...My grass won't do that.

Top 5 Things People Don't Know About Me-

- I was nine the last time I wet the bed. (the last time before that I was like 5 so...)

- I have extremely low self esteem.

- The Mad Chef adopted me.

- I cry myself to sleep.

- You ain't my baby's daddy!

Top 5 bands-

- Murderdolls.

- Beatles.

- Jack Off Jill.

- Spice Girls

- Crystal Method

Top 5 Love Songs-

- Broken, Seether Ft. Amy Lee.

- Love Me Do, Beatles.

- Butterfly, Crazytown.

- I Love You, You Love Me, Barney.

- Iowa, Slipknot. Even though it could be arguable.

Top 5 hate songs-

- Waiting to Die, hed PE.

- She Hates Me, Don't Remeber Artist.

- People= S***, Slipknot.

- Right Now, Korn.

- (s)aint, Marilyn Manson.

Top 5 most disliked stars-

- Britany Spears. I can't believe she married that poor guy for, like a day.

- Avril Lavigne. I'm sorry, but I think shes very fake.

- Pamela Anderson. She gives blondes a bad name...and a slutty reputation.

- Jennifer Lopez. The whole "look at me, look at me" thing is annoying. And shes been married to many times.

- Lil Jon....Yea BoY!!! What the duce!???! Need I explain?

Top 5 Games-

- Runescape, online multiplayer.

- Grand Theft Auto series, most popular on PS2.

- Black and White, computer.

- Defend your castle, online.

- Sims, Computer, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox...

Top 5 Reasons Why I wrote this-

- I was bored.

- It sounded like fun.

- Your mom.

- I'm fat?

- *Points finger and laughs* To waste space on the internet?

Haha.. I wasted your time....


Blogger the Mad "Chef" said...

she fucking hates me - by Puddle of Mud

5:40 PM  
Blogger Camel Tot said...

thank you!!

6:25 PM  

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