Saturday, March 12, 2005

Who Is Camel Tot

Hellew. I am Camel Tot. I'm a teenage girl, and Camel Toes only daughter. I love the mad chefs camel toe site. It owns. (his secret...he has a bigger camel toe than she does) I know just about everyone from the story. Tumor Boy and the Quiet One, are like my uncles. They have been around forever, and I love them both! =D

Lets see. We live in a little town barely anyone has heard of. My friends and I do not fit in here, but hey, that creates chaos and I LOVE IT. Awe...diversity is just too much for ya, huh? Ah well. Bite me. I dont care! Thats all I really have to say right now. Come back and I'll have more for you on CamelToe.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you still out there?

10:16 AM  

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