Friday, March 18, 2005


As of right now life sucks.... No friends Less church. My work on my grades are useless now, because I made a dumb mistake. I have a lot of peer leadership stuff I wanna do, but I probably can't for awhile. I hate my life. But... details!

Peer Leadership-

I'm going to start a peer leadership. I'll be speaking to younger kids grade 4-8 about drug abuse, teen pregnancy, dating violence and alcohol. My teachers say I would be very good at that, and I have good charisma skills.

My Goals-

-Start neighborhood cleaning service. Me and some friends would clean local lakes, ponds, parks and highways.

-Start a teen hotline for the St. Louis Area.

-Become a peer leader. I wanna travel all over to do this stuff.

- Get a job in college and in life as a teen counsellor.

- Get daddy's trust back, so I can hook up with my friends to put forth this stuff.


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